Who Stole The Wizard Of Oz

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Who Stole The Wizard of Oz?


The book, Who Stole The Wizard of Oz?, is a spectacular mystery by AVI. The two main characters are Toby and his twin sister Becky. This book is written in Toby’s point of view. The other characters are Mrs. Brattle, Mr.Niel, Ms.McPhearson, Mrs. Chesterton, and Grandpa. The main problem is that Mrs. Brattle thinks Becky stole the books. The setting is Toby’s house and some actions take place in the library and the inn.


The story starts when Toby and Becky get a call from the librarian, Mrs. Brattle, asking them to come to the library and bring someone from her family along with her. Toby and Becky rush to the library. They are surprised to see a policeman waiting for them. He informs them that five rare books were missing from the library.


The next day they go to the book sale and check the books for names. In the books, they find Ann Parker, David Block, and Gertrude Tobias.


Grandpa lives with them and knows everyone basically everyone in Checkertown they went to ask him who they were. Ann Parker and David Block left and Gertrude Tobias was dead, but had a niece, Ms. McPhearson, Becky’s next teacher who has red hair and walks like a queen.


So Toby and Becky went to Ms. McPhearson to ask about Ms. Tobias, Becky had some summer work, that are 2 book projects and did them to higher the chances of getting to talk. When she was done they headed to Ms. McPhearson’s apartment to ask about her aunt. So they asked about Ms. Tobias and Ms. McPhearson said she did not want to talk about her and went back inside.


They go to Mrs. Chesterton’s who is the resident of the Checkertown Inn and there they asked about Gertrude Tobias. They find out that she left clues in the five missing books. It is like a puzzle to solve. Later, they borrow books from their friends and read them to figure out the puzzle. They notice all five books except one has a map in it. But then they decide that one mapless book, Through the Looking Glass,  is the one that holds all the clues. In the story there is a chess game and at the end Alice beats the Red Queen.


The mystery is solved when they realize a chessboard is the same as a checkerboard. Since Checkertown is set up like a checkerboard and Alice moves to beat the Red Queen at the spot where the library would be. So, they tell the newspaper reporters to put in a checkerboard ad in the newspaper and then find the culprit by waiting in the library at night.


I really enjoyed this book because I really wanted to figure out the mystery before the end. While I read, I made some pretty good deductions and thought ahead about the mystery. I recommend this book to people who like reading mysteries and like solving puzzle mysteries.


By Liam


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    I like your summury because it’s well organized.

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